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Six Ways to Prepare for a Monthly Mortgage


For first-time homebuyers, paying a mortgage can seem extremely daunting, especially with the shifting housing market. Because of the housing crisis a few years ago, it is much more difficult for potential homebuyers to get mortgage lending. With banks requiring larger down payments, many are having to save more before putting an offer down on a home.

If you are ready to commit to owning a home, but find that your funds are holding you back, here are a few tricks to start saving up for a home mortgage:

It is no secret that building savings comes from spending less than you earn. However, without following a strict budget, it can be all too easy for monthly expenditures to exceed your monthly earnings, or exceed to a point where there is little left to go into savings. Building a budget and following it is a great habit to get into, as building a savings buffer is not only helpful for a mortgage, but also for unexpected emergencies.

When it comes to budgeting, it is important to determine which monthly expenditures are essential and which ones are more or less frivolous. For certain required expenses, such as home security payments or bills, consider looking into competing companies that offer the same services for a discounted rate. Services such as http://homesecurity911.com/adt/Texas/ offer great discounted rates for home security services.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are in fact actually saving money is to have funds automatically deposited into your savings account. If your paychecks are directly deposited into your account, ask your payroll department to send a fixed amount directly into your savings account and to send what’s left into your checking account. Having a portion sent directly into savings makes it far less tempting to spend.

If you are serious about saving, consider losing the expensive car with big payments or the costly vacation trips. While it can be difficult to give up those luxuries, they can help you save more much quicker.

If you receive a bonus from work, a large tax return check, or an unexpected sum of money, consider putting that towards your mortgage fund. Though it can be tempting to use that money for a fun vacation, big sums like this can easily put you over the top, allowing you to find and purchase a house much sooner than anticipated.

Often times downsizing to a smaller townhouse or apartment can help you save nearly 20% more each month. Plus, downsizing for a few months means less to pack up and move to a house when the time comes.

If you have an opportunity to work extra hours or overtime, consider working a few extra hours each day for a few months. A few months of extra work can easily help you generate enough funds for a down payment.

Using these six tips can help you save as much as possible in a timely manner in order to afford a house mortgage.

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