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Home security tips for residents living in building complexes

Apartment, condominium and studio resident’s view of home security is commonly and unfortunately overlooked by the general population. However, home invaders do not necessarily target single family homes any less than they do with high or low-rise building residential areas. Apartment owners, on the other hand, are more likely to fear the community or neighborhood of which they live versus the average homeowner, but psychologically feel safer once they arrive home. Whether it’s the subconscious-security of having more nearby neighbors next door or the ‘unfounded’ belief that apartment owners have less valuables than the standard homeowner—criminals, overall, are less likely to encounter security obstructions when breaking into an apartment.

If you happen to be considering moving into an apartment, condominium, studio or even a college dorm room, here are some practical and increasingly important ways to secure yourself against impending home invaders:


When a flash flood ensues, what do you do? Head for higher grounds, of course. Well, the same can be said for avoiding criminals, as stealing valuable items becomes increasingly harder and more noticeable (with other neighbors) the higher floor you’re on. For example, if a burglar is planning to steal a 42-inch HD television, it’s much easier and quicker to steal from the first floor versus going down a flight of stairs or elevator (with potentially other residents having a better chance to encounter the thief).

*On an unrelated note, living on higher grounds will also give more opportunities for exercise.


Some land lords and building management personnel don’t allow third party businesses to install home security for individuals. However, if this is not the case, hiring a home security professional is a fantastic option for battening down the hatches. Monitored home security systems will unquestionably provide you with added peace of mind while intuitively contacting authorities without the notification of you or your neighbors in the case of a burglary. For a viable, inexpensive and trustworthy home security installation company, follow the link here at http://homesecurity911.com/ for a free consultation regarding your options.


If you’re able to, find an apartment that is previously installed with a washer or dryer versus one where you have to use communal utilities. The reason behind this strategy is not allowing you and your apartment to be routinely exposed as to when you are and aren’t home. Criminals use patience as a virtue and will at many times stake out your daily and weekly schedules to establish where you are, and for how long you might be away.


Many apartment complexes today are installed with a securely-advanced gate, which may require a specific code or card for entry. While that’s a great feature regarding your safety, don’t assume you’re automatically protected from the big bad world outside. In reality, assessing your apartment building is relatively easy (especially for the intruder-savvy) through countless security faults.

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