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Hunting for a low mortgage rate? Here’s what you need to know

Let this sink in: a home is the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy. After all, not even the coolest car or impressive boat will come close to the investment you’ll make in a house. And rightfully so; turning a house into a home is a rewarding process that many people look forward to for years. The purpose of shopping around for mortgage rates may seem self-explanatory, yet not... [Continue Reading]

Benefits of Reverse Mortgage 

A reverse mortgage is a program that caters to senior homeowners ages 62 and above. This allows them to make a loan with their home equity as collateral. Reverse mortgage halts their monthly dues on their mortgage and then gives them money under specific conditions. So, in other words, a reverse mortgage is a type of loan where senior homeowners put their home equity as collateral and get paid... [Continue Reading]

The Value of Patience When Applying for Right to Buy Mortgage

Once you have been a tenant in a council property for over three years, you are already eligible to buy that home at a discounted price. This is stated in the right to buy mortgage, a program that started in the late 80’s. The notion is that those who have resided in the same property for years must have the right to buy the said property and have the title under their name at a discounted... [Continue Reading]

Buying a home? Is a Homebuyer Report Worth the Cost?

Are you thinking about buying a home? You don’t want any nasty surprises after you move in. But is it worth paying for a homebuyer report before sealing the deal? The term 'survey' is bandied around a lot by estate agents and others involved in buying and selling property. But don’t be confused; there is more than one type of survey which might be useful for a homebuyer according to... [Continue Reading]

A Realistic Look at the Different Kinds of Mortgages and How to Select the Best for Your Needs

Everyone dreams of having their own property – their own piece of paradise – when the right time comes. And whilst some take longer than others to fulfill that dream, it doesn’t mean that it’s unattainable. Anyone can have their dream home with the right planning and the proper foresight. But not everyone can afford to pay for their home outright with cash; chances are,... [Continue Reading]

Important Questions to Ask Before Getting a Personal Loan

Between all the financial alternatives you can consider, a Personal Loan is the deadliest. Make use of personal loans appropriately and they may very well be the ladder out of your economic ditch. Make use of them wrong and it’s like attempting to put out a house fire with gasoline. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most important factors before taking a personal loan: Personal... [Continue Reading]

Buy to let buildings insurance

Whether you have invested in residential or commercial property, the business case anticipates a stream of income from the rents you charge tenants and leaseholders. That is the principle of buying to let. Any property you own needs the protection of buildings insurance. Buy to let buildings insurance is a particular form of property cover which recognises that the primary business objective is... [Continue Reading]

Winterproof your investment property

In films and on TV, winter’s often shown as the period of crisp white snow, blue skies, log fires and woolly hats. Unfortunately, in real life, a normal winter is all about several months’ worth of high winds and torrential rain, punctuated by the odd icy snap. In other words, it’s a season producing weather typically designed to do the worst to your property. If you’re a... [Continue Reading]

The Joys of Tax Season

It’s almost that time of the year again to pay your property taxes. Feel like you should be paying less? Consider seeking help, reduce your property tax amount without the need to hire an attorney and visit a certified expert. Don't stress about too much and make a quick stop to Old Navy. Get ready to save money and get jeans, pants and tops. Go for a flattering fit and get... [Continue Reading]